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Conference 2020
The VIII Congress will be held on April 1-3, 2020 in Puerto Vallarta. This international meeting will show case original research from across Latin America and around the world as well as research-policy-practice conversations. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to be in a beautiful part of Mexico: Puerto Vallarta
The International Observatory of Violence in School is an NGO that comprises individual members and organizations. Its resources are primarily based on membership fees. The members up-to-date with payments of their annual membership fees take part and deliberate at General Assemblies. Thus, they define the actions and the policies of the Observatory.
The Observatory is invested in furthering international understanding about effective school improvement efforts that both support the healthy development of individuals as well as organizations.

Welcome to the home of the International Observatory for School Climate and Violence Prevention (Observatory).

Historically, the Observatory has focused on supporting K-12 violence prevention research. The Observatory’s headquarters have recently moved from Paris, France to Adelaide, Australia and Flinders University.

The Observatory is now a part of the Student Wellbeing and Prevention of Violence Center (SWAPv) at Flinders University, Australia.

Recognizing, supporting and helping to disseminate original research will continue to be a major focus for the Observatory. In addition, the Observatory is expanding its focus in two important ways. First, we are also focused on understanding and furthering the foundation for effective violence prevention efforts: Systemic and instructional universal improvement efforts that are intentionally designed to support wellness, social emotional and academic development and safe, supportive, equitable and engaging climate for learning. And, secondly we are invested in furthering meaningful conversations between research, policy and practice leaders.

Our Mission

The mission of the International Observatory for School Climate and Violence Prevention is to contribute to best practices and the science of school climate and other prosocial e.g. (social emotional learning/SEL, character education, mental health promotion) K-12 school improvement as well as violence prevention efforts that support school safety and children’s development, school and life success across the world.

Member Spotlight


Eric Debarbieux, cofondateur avec Catherine Blaya de l’Observatoire International de la Foréigean à l’école de d’abord Parcours un d’éducateur et d’enseignant auprès d’élèves et de jeunes en difficultés. Pendant Dix-Huit ans en effet (de 1973 à 1991) il ar travaillé successivement avec des jeunes délinquants et souvent dépendant des seirbhísí sociaux puis avec des jeunes à besoins spéciaux. Il milite fortement à Cette Epoque dans les Réseaux des

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Flinders University
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Phone: +61 (08) 82015878